Yes, we accept submissions! No, we won’t pay you!

But – if you want to get your work into publications that do pay, Wandering Savage might be a good place to showcase your fine, fine writing or photography skills. It’s worth a shot, anyway.

Here are the kinds of stories we’d like to see more of:

Oddball attractions that aren’t on most tourist itineraries.

Obsessive quests with offbeat historical angles.

Tales of the rugged life: climbing tall mountains, forging rushing rapids and other forms of naturalist masochism.

Interactions with strange local people.

Interactions with normal local people, provided you yourself are strange enough.

Anything about a country that most people don’t (or can’t) go to. You know the ones.

Anything about one of the countries listed under “Places” on the front page for which we have scant material. We currently have no features on Russia, for instance, and that’s a land of strange local people if there ever was one.

The unexpected mix of cultures you find on the road. How, for example, did that Chinese lady from Shanghai get to be selling rechargeable hair trimmers on the streets of Palermo, Sicily? We can’t be the only ones curious.

Anything that’s just plain funny.

Let’s try to avoid blogging about your vacation or froufrou tourist stuff you’d typically find in the travel section of a major newspaper. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but we don’t need to be told the bouillabaisse tastes good in Provence.

For writer’s guidelines, write to editor@[the name of this site] and include some ideas.

If and when we start getting rich off this website, maybe we’ll start sharing some of it with you! Doubt it, though.

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